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How To Care For Your Skin After Microneedling Treatment
  • Aug 22, 2022
  • GLVC

How To Care For Your Skin After Microneedling Treatment

How Microneedling Affects Your Skin When you leave the clinic after your microneedling session, you may notice redness and flushing as if you have spent a full day unprotected in the sun. Some consider the inflammation phase similar to a mild to. . .

The Science Behind Microneedling
  • Jul 06, 2022
  • GLVC

The Science Behind Microneedling

Why Do I Want More Collagen and Elastin In My Skin?   The skin, the largest organ in the human body, has three main functions: to protect, to regulate temperature, and for sensation. Collagen is a protein that is secreted by fibroblasts in the. . .

Elevate Your Facial Experience. Try A Hydrafacial.
  • Jun 15, 2022
  • GLVC

Elevate Your Facial Experience. Try A Hydrafacial.

Hydrafacials: Relaxing And Effective What Is A Hydrafacial? A Hydrafacial is a non-invasive and highly effective facial that cleanses the skin and leaves it looking brighter, younger, and revitalized. Hydrafacials use a special tool that. . .

GLVC - Blog - 9 Benefits Of Microneedling
  • Feb 04, 2022
  • GLVC

9 Benefits Of Microneedling... Some You May Not Even Be Aware Of

What Microneedling Can Do For Your Skin 1. Removes Wrinkles And Fine Lines. Fine lines and wrinkles are a natural, but often unappreciated, result of the aging process. Microneedling is a great option for non-invasive skin rejuvenation, as the. . .

GLVC - Blog - What Areas Benefit Most From Facial Fillers
  • Jan 28, 2022
  • GLVC

What Areas Benefit Most From Facial Fillers?

How Different Areas Can Benefit From Facial Fillers Lips And Mouth. Lip filler treatments have become increasingly popular recently. While facial fillers can add volume to the lip to create a fuller pout, facial injections can also reduce lines. . .

SL_GLVC_IPL Photorejuvenation
  • May 04, 2021
  • GLVC

What Is IPL Photorejuvenation And How Can It Help My Skin?

Dark spots, freckles, and brown patches are some of the most common skin concerns both women and men experience due to sun damage or aging. Without proper skincare in our younger age, signs of premature aging and sensitivity to the sun become. . .

Glenmore Landing Vein Clinic | Botox | Juvederm
  • Feb 14, 2021
  • GLVC

3 Main Differences Between BOTOX® and Juvederm

For men and women looking for quick, affordable, and effective anti-aging treatments, there are many different products available. Here are three main differences between Botox and dermal fillers and how to decide which treatment is right for. . .

Lip Fillers Calgary | Glenmore Landing Vein Clinic
  • Jan 24, 2021
  • GLVC

7 Key Benefits of a Juvederm Lip Filler Treatment

Are you interested in full, plump lips? Customized Juvederm lip filler treatments are a safe, effective, and quick way to add more definition to your face and enhance your appearance. Here are some of the key benefits you’ll receive from a lip. . .

Botox Calgary | Glenmore Landing Vein Clinic
  • Jan 17, 2021
  • GLVC

3 Benefits of Opting for BOTOX® in Your 20s and 30s

Preventative BOTOX® is becoming increasingly popular amongst people in their late 20s or 30s looking for a safe and cost-effective cosmetic treatment to help them maintain a youthful appearance. Here’s what you need to know about preventive. . .

5 Things to Know About Botox - Calgary Anti Aging Treatments
  • Dec 03, 2020
  • GLVC

5 Things to Know Before Having Your First Botox Treatment

Botox is a minimally invasive and safe anti-aging treatment that can address concerns such as crow’s feet and frown lines. If you are considering this cosmetic procedure, here are five things you should know about it first. Botox is an. . .

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  • Nov 11, 2020
  • GLVC

Rejuvenate Your Skin With IPL Photorejuvenation Treatments

Do you have aesthetic concerns such as wrinkles, sagging skin, or visible acne scars? IPL photorejuvenation is a powerful anti-aging and cosmetic procedure that can deal with all of these issues while resulting in a beautiful, healthy, and clear. . .

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  • Oct 15, 2020
  • GLVC

The Top 4 Anti-Aging Treatments at Our Calgary Clinic

Are you looking for safe, quick, and highly effective anti-aging treatments? At our Calgary vein clinic, we offer a range of minimally-invasive cosmetic treatments, including Botox, Juvederm, and chemical peels, to help you restore a healthy and. . .

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  • Jun 15, 2020
  • GLVC

Now Open for All Cosmetic Treatments!

Now Open for All Cosmetic Treatments!   With Alberta moving onto Stage 2 of its relaunch strategy this Friday, June 12, 2020, Glenmore Landing Vein Clinic is excited to announce that we will be open for all cosmetic treatments beginning. . .

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  • May 07, 2020
  • GLVC

4 Main Culprits of Aging and How to Combat Them

Do you want to keep your skin looking healthy and vibrant for as long as possible? Here are 4 surprising causes of skin aging and some wrinkle prevention tips to keep you looking youthful for longer. Growing old is inevitable, but if you are. . .

Calgary Juvederm, juvederm Calgary, lip fillers Calgary, calgary anti-aging treatments, anti-aging treatments Calgary, best lip fillers Calgary,
  • Apr 20, 2020
  • GLVC

3 Starter Cosmetic Treatments For Patients in Their 30s

Are you looking for a cosmetic procedure that will keep your skin vibrant and smooth, while preventing signs of aging? Do you want to enhance your appearance without surgery? From chemical peels to Juvederm, here are 3 starter cosmetic treatments. . .

Anti-aging Clinic, Anti-aging Clinic Calgary
  • Jun 23, 2019
  • GLVC

Fight These 3 Causes of Aging

As you get older, you may be experiencing unwanted changes to your skin, including fine lines, wrinkles, and droopiness. Here are the 4 main causes of aging and how the customized anti-aging treatments at our Calgary clinic can help you maintain a. . .

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