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Facial Fillers

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Younger Looking Skin is Just a Simple Facial Filler Treatment Away

Feeling more confident and looking rejuvenated and revitalized has never been easier thanks to the customized facial filler treatments at Glenmore Landing Vein Clinic. From BOTOX® to JUVÉDERM® dermal fillers, our dedicated Calgary skin specialists can design personalized plans to provide you with the beautiful and natural looking anti-aging results you’re looking for.
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What Are Facial Fillers?

As you age, your skin becomes more susceptible to wrinkles and sagging. Facial fillers, such as JUVÉDERM®, are cosmetic injectables made from products such as hyaluronic acid and collagen that work to reduce or eliminate these unwanted signs of aging when injected into the skin.

Some of the areas of the face that can be treated include:

Upper Face:

  • Forehead wrinkles
  • Frown lines between the brows
  • Crow's feet


  • Sunken features such as cheeks and eye hollows
  • Sharp facial contours

Lower Face:

  • Nasolabial folds (smile lines)
  • Perioral lines (smoker's lines)
  • Marionette lines
  • Vermillion border
  • Thinning lips

Looking good and feeling good go hand in hand and with the facial filler treatments at Glenmore Landing Vein Clinic, it is more comfortable, affordable, and discreet as ever to feel more rested, youthful, and attractive.


What Types of Facial Filler Treatments Do You Offer?

Everyone gets older, but not everyone ages in the same way. The approach at Glenmore Landing Vein Clinic is to provide all patients with a customized treatment plan to yield the most natural looking, yet dramatic results.

Some of the treatments we offer include:

BOTOX® therapy is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments in the world and when injected into your skin, it works to block signals from your facial nerves to your muscles. This means that your treated muscles are no longer able to contract, preventing wrinkles from forming and eliminating existing facial lines.

Though it has many uses, it is often recommended for patients who have forehead lines, crow’s feet and frown lines.

How long does a BOTOX® treatment take? Typically, the treatment takes no longer than 15 minutes, though this varies from patient to patient.

How many treatments will I need? The effects of BOTOX® are long-lasting but not permanent. Repeat treatments are required every 3-4 months.

What results can I expect? You may experience some slight bruising but this will resolve quickly. Your results will be fully visible after 2 weeks and these will last up to 4 months.

Dermal fillers such as JUVÉDERM® and Restylane are injectables composed of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in the body. When injected, they work to add volume and plump up your skin, eliminating wrinkles and creating a fuller, more youthful appearance.

How long does a dermal filler treatment take? This is a quick procedure and can take between 15-30 minutes depending on the size and location of the treatment area.

How many treatments will I need? Dermal fillers produce long-lasting results and treatment is required every 6-12 months to maintain a youthful and healthy glow.

What results can I expect? Almost immediately after the treatment, your skin will feel smoother and more firm. A more noticeable difference will be noticed after a few days, the results of which can last up to 12 months, depending on which filler you’ve used.


Choosing The Right Product: One on One Consultation With Our Skin Specialist

A cosmetic facial filler procedure at Glenmore Landing Vein Clinic begins with a private consultation. Our specialists will discuss your skin type and aesthetic goals and once they fully understand the concerns you want to address, are able to prescribe the right cosmetic injectable to help you accomplish subtle and refined results.


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So why not enjoy great value, exclusive benefits, and incredible anti-aging results at our Calgary clinic? To find out more about our facial filler treatments and loyalty programs, visit us at Glenmore Landing Vein Clinic, D 267, 1600 - 90th Avenue SW, Calgary, AB.

Alternatively, you can contact us at 403-253-2555 or fill in our online contact form.

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