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9 Benefits Of Microneedling... Some You May Not Even Be Aware Of

9 Benefits Of Microneedling... Some You May Not Even Be Aware Of

Microneedling is an innovative facial rejuvenation treatment that uses tiny, sanitized needles to penetrate the top layer of the skin. These micro-wounds signal the body to repair the damaged area, causing the natural development of collagen and elastin, which are responsible for making skin firm and plump. The wounds in microneedling are superficial and do not extend past the epidermis and the area you have treated will be numbed to make the treatment more comfortable. Patients should make sure to allow full recovery before each session to get the best results. Microneedling is a great new advancement, as it is non-invasive, creates fast results, and can produce many benefits beyond anti-aging.

What Microneedling Can Do For Your Skin

1. Removes Wrinkles And Fine Lines. Fine lines and wrinkles are a natural, but often unappreciated, result of the aging process. Microneedling is a great option for non-invasive skin rejuvenation, as the collagen and elastin the microneedling promotes will naturally allow the skin to become plumper, which smoothes fine lines and wrinkles.

2. Eliminate Skin Irregularities. Hyperpigmentation (a condition where there are darker patches of skin due to melanin) and sunspots can be reduced using microneedling. By triggering the skin’s wound healing process, old cells are turned over and new ones develop in their place, leading to a more even colouration of the skin.

3. Fights Stretch Marks And Scars. Microneedling can be used nearly everywhere on the body, making it an ideal treatment for stretch marks and scars. The only type of scars it will not be effective on are keloid scars as they are raised.

4. Reduces Dark Circles And Bags Under The Eyes. While microneedling can be used on many areas of the body, the undereye is one of the more popular treatment areas. Here microneedling  helps to both lighten the colour of dark circles and to reduce the puffiness of under eye bags. Some people like to use vitamin A or C rich serums along with their microneedling to promote healing.

5. Reduce Broken Capillaries Or Spider Veins. Capillaries are tiny veins that are sensitive to changes in the skin. As we age, the skin becomes thinner, which makes capillaries and spider veins appear more prominent. Collagen makes the skin thicker, leading to less visible capillaries and spider veins.

6. Shrinks Pores. Although microneedling temporarily adds more tiny openings in the epidermis that may remind a person of pores. they actually reduce pores. When microneedling induces collagen production, it causes the skin to become plumper, thus closing previously opened pores.

7. Improves The Effectiveness Of Topical Products. Because microneedling creates tiny holes in the skin, it allows skin creams and other topical products to absorb more easily and to penetrate deeper into the dermis, making your products more effective.

8. Reduces Acne. The ability for your skin to absorb more product as well as the tightening and shrinking of pores leads to an overall reduction of acne.

9. Addresses Rosacea. This is a type of skin condition where the skin appears rosy and textured. Sometimes the skin will become thick and swollen, particularly around the nose and cheeks. Rosacea is often caused by a hastened breakdown of collagen, which is why microneedling has been used to reduce this skin condition.

Get Microneedling In Calgary At Glenmore Vein Clinic

If you are looking to resolve any of the conditions listed above, microneedling is a great option. Microneedling is minimally invasive and is a natural healing process that creates results from the first day of treatment. For a customized microneedling treatment, visit Glenmore Landing Vein Clinic in Calgary. Our professional team is experienced with many forms of facial rejuvenation, including microneedling, and can address any questions or concerns you have about the process or what areas you would like treated. To book a facial rejuvenation procedure with our specialists in Calgary either call 1-403-253-2555 or fill out the online contact form.


Q: What results can I expect?
A: Most patients experience some mild redness and swelling but this will resolve within 48 hours. You’ll notice a more radiant appearance after several days but the full effects of your treatment will only be visible after several weeks.

Q: How Much Does a Microneedling Treatment Cost at GLVC?
A: At Glenmore Landing Vein Clinic, we strive to provide our patients with the most cost-effective and high-quality treatments available.

We offer three microneedling pricing options:
1 Treatment – $350
3 Treatments – $900
6 Treatments – $1,700 (comes with a free $100 skin moisturizer)

During your consultation, our skin specialist will take into consideration your budget, skin goals, and lifestyle to help create a treatment plan that works for you.

Q: Can I use a home microneedling roller for the same results?
A: While at home rollers are available to buy, they do not go as deep into the skin and therefore do not produce as good results. At home microneedling also creates the risk that your roller will not be properly sanitized.

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