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How to Prepare for Your Echosclerotherapy Treatment

Are you planning on undergoing an echosclerotherapy treatment for your varicose veins? Here are some top tips on how to prepare beforehand and what you can expect following your procedure.

Do you have spider veins or varicose veins that cannot be easily located? Or perhaps there are large, affected veins beneath the skin’s surface. In such cases, your vein specialist might suggest that you undergo an echosclerotherapy treatment. 

Using state-of-the-art technology, your vein specialist will guide the needle into the abnormal vein deep inside the leg, where the sclerosing agent is then injected. 

Echosclerotherapy offers many benefits, including: 

  • Treatments are performed on an outpatient basis
  • Normal activities can be resumed immediately, but vigorous exercise should be delayed until you are otherwise instructed by your vein specialist 
  • There is no discomfort and stripping of the vein is avoided 
  • More cost-effective and less invasive than surgery 
  • Doesn’t require incisions, general anesthetic, or admission to a hospital

Say Goodbye to Unsightly and Painful Varicose Veins With Our Echosclerotherapy Treatments 

At our Calgary vein clinic, our team has over 20 years of experience in spider vein and varicose vein treatments, including echosclerotherapy and sclerotherapy. During a consultation, we can assess your concerns and needs, walk you through the different treatment options, and make recommendations on which are best suited for you. 

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How to Prepare for Your Echosclerotherapy Treatment 

Echosclerotherapy is one of the safest, fastest, and most convenient varicose vein treatments available. It is minimally invasive, has an extremely minor recovery time, and offers great results for eliminating spider/varicose veins. 

If you are going to undergo this treatment, here are some things you can do before and after your treatment to ensure that everything goes smoothly. 

  1. Keep compression stockings at home to wear after the procedure. Your vein specialist can help you select the correct size to ensure it fits you properly. 
  2. Make sure you have a family member or friend to drive you to and from your appointment. 
  3. Plan ahead. The treatment itself will take approximately 15 minutes, but the scanning and bandaging will require additional time, so plan to be at the clinic for at least one hour. 
  4. Make sure to shave all the hair from the area being treated before your procedure.
  5. After the treatment, limit your activity and avoid anything that might disturb or put pressure on the treated area. This includes jogging, exercising, or lifting heavy objects. Your vein specialist can advise you on when it’s safe to resume these activities. 
  6. Wear clothing that is comfortable and loose to your appointment.
  7. Long-distance auto or air travel should be avoided for at least two weeks following your treatment. 
  8. Avoid smoking or overconsumption of alcohol in the weeks prior to your treatment, as the effects of both of these can slow down and/or hinder healing. 
  9. Do not take aspirin, ibuprofen, or any other anti-inflammatory medications for at least 48 hours before and after your procedure. These medications act as blood thinners and can cause excessive bleeding during echosclerotherapy. They can also interfere with the action and effectiveness of the sclerosing agent. 
  10. Avoid prednisone for at least 48 hours before your treatment. This is important because prednisone can decrease the sclerosing agent’s effectiveness. Always talk to your vein specialist and your prescribing doctor about how to safely discontinue and resume the use of prednisone. 

Customized Echosclerotherapy Treatments in Calgary 

At our Calgary vein clinic, we do everything we can to make your varicose vein treatment a comfortable and successful one, with fast service and maximum convenience. If you are experiencing pain or discomfort due to spider or varicose veins, we can help you find the best treatment solution. To find out more, contact us at (403) 253-2555 or fill in our online contact form.

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