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5 Quick Facts About Sclerotherapy

Are varicose veins causing you to feel self-conscious about your appearance? Here are 5 facts you should know about the customize sclerotherapy treatments at our Calgary clinic & how they can help eliminate pain and improve the aesthetic appearance of your legs.

Traditionally, varicose vein treatments were highly invasive, had a low rate of success, and required a long recovery period. However, today, with state-of-the-art and advanced procedures such as sclerotherapy and echosclerotherapy, varicose vein treatments have now become painless, much more effective, and require less downtime.

Some of the benefits of opting for a varicose vein treatment, such as sclerotherapy, include:

  • Pain relief
  • Improved appearance
  • Ability to live a more active lifestyle
  • Improved sleep


Customized Sclerotherapy and Echosclerotherapy Treatments in Calgary

At our Calgary vein clinic, we offer fully customized sclerotherapy and echosclerotherapy treatments to patients suffering from varicose veins. Our knowledgeable team is committed to helping you look and feel your very best and you can trust our physicians and staff to provide you with the best solutions for all your vein concerns.

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5 Quick Facts You Need to Know About Sclerotherapy

Sclerotherapy is an advanced procedure that can be used to treat spider or varicose veins. If you’re considering this treatment, then it’s important to understand as much as you can before you make your final decision.

Here are 5 important facts you should be aware of before you opt for a sclerotherapy treatment for your abnormal veins:

1. It Doesn’t Provide Instant Results

The effects of sclerotherapy won’t appear immediately after your treatment. It will take some time for your body to reabsorb the abnormal vein after the procedure and it could take several weeks before you see the full results of the treatment.

2. It’s Minimally Invasive

Sclerotherapy doesn’t require hospitalization or general anesthesia and it is considered to be a minimally invasive treatment. During the procedure, your vein specialist will use a thinneed to inject a special solution into the affected area.

This solution will irritate the walls of the veins, causing them to swell and stick together. Eventually, the veins fade from view and any symptoms that you may have had, such as achy or tired legs, will improve.

Are there any risks involved with sclerotherapy? The incidence of complications is low with this treatment. However, any minimally invasive procedure poses certain risks, such as the possibility of post-surgical infection. Make sure to discuss your concerns with your vein specialist.

3. You May Require a Repeat Treatment

Sclerotherapy is typically effective at resolving the symptoms associated with treated veins. However, your surgeon may not be able to treat all of your abnormal veins during a single session. Likewise, if new abnormal veins develop in the future, an additional treatment will be required to eliminate these veins.

4. There is Little Downtime Required

One of the greatest benefits of sclerotherapy is that it doesn’t require you to take time off work or spend days resting. In fact, many patients are able to return to their daily activities once the procedure is over.

However, your specialist may ask you to wear compression stockings and/or avoid certain activities for the first few days following your treatment. Talk to your specialist about your post-surgical instructions.



5. Sclerotherapy is Versatile

This treatment can be used to treat both smaller spider veins and larger varicose ones. If a vein is hard to see from the surface of your skin, your vein specialist can use ultrasound guidance (echosclerotherapy) to visualize the vein and treat it with sclerotherapy.



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