Allergan MD Code Treatment Planning

MD Codes, a revolutionary technique developed by renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Mauricio de Maio, changes everything about how facial fillers are injected. Based on a deeper understanding of facial anatomy, MD Codes outlines a series of injection points for facial fillers that address the cause and not just the symptoms of facial aging.

Dr. de Maio

Dr. de Maio developed MD Codes, a revolutionary approach to sculpting your face using Juvederm. Dr. Mauricio de Maio, MD, ScM, PhD is one of the world’s leading plastic surgeons and is an expert in facial fillers. 

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 The Allergan Medical Institute and Dr. de Maio integrated science, medicine and art to create MD Codes.

icon_button_beauty_smallWhat Are MD Codes? 

MD Codes present a precise, methodical and strategic approach to analyzing and treating your face. Instead of focusing directly on the problem areas, MD Codes, target the underlying cause through a series of precise injection points. Sagging, loss of volume, and deeper wrinkles are treated based on the area that causes the problem.

Why the MD Codes™?

MD Codes™ will enhance your look by addressing your concerns of wanting to look:

  • Less Tired
  • Less Sad

  • Less Angry
  • Less Saggy
  • More Attractive
  • More Youthful
  • More Slim
  • More Feminine

8-Point Facelift

 Now with the 8-Point Facelift, comes a solution to address loss of facial volume without the need for surgery. It involves injecting filler into strategic points and promises a better globally enhanced facial look.  The 8 point lift can achieve results comparable to surgery, but without the general anaesthetic, bruising, recovery time, and extra cost associated with surgery.

MD Codes™ (8-point lift) are a series of formulated injections points for dermal filler, which are proven to elevate, rejuvenate and enhance, delivering natural-looking results, tailored to individual requirements.

Juvederm fillers contain hyaluronic acid, which is a naturally occurring component in the skin; it attracts and holds water to provide lasting hydration, structure and replace lost volume. The fillers gradually dissolve over time.
The 8 strategic lifting points are a general guideline which will be tailored to your needs. A personalised consultation is necessary to determine the best ‘total look’ and plan and budget for your concerns.

The Signature 8 key areas include:

1&2: Cheek bone/structure

3: Tear trough/midface

4: Nasolabial (nose to mouth) folds adjacent to nose

5: Marionette lines (mouth corners)

6. Pre jowl area

7. Jawline

8. Lower cheek volume/buccal area

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