Sigvaris Compression Stockings

Life for Legs – Compression Hosiery Benefits

Compression therapy is the application of graduated external pressure to the limb to reduce venous pressure within the limb.

Blood flows faster in compressed veins than a dilated ones. By applying external compression, the diameter of the veins is reduced, thereby increasing blood velocity. This also causes valves which are not regulating blood flow well to function better.

When using compression hosiery, make sure the compression is graduated, with the strongest pressure at the ankle and decreasing as it goes up the leg. Graduated hosiery is the most effective in preventing edema or swelling, and in promoting better blood circulation.

Clinical studies prove that graduated compression stockings are beneficial and should be a mainstay in relieving symptoms of chronic venous insufficiency during pregnancy and the post partum period.

Closed Toe Stocking Application

sigvaris stockings at GLVC
sigvaris stockings at GLVC

Putting your stockings on at the start of your day, before swelling starts is best. Make sure your legs are dry. The use of SIGVARIS donning gloves is recommended to make the process easier.

Never, gather the stocking prior to donning as this makes it difficult to put on. do not pull from the top band. The goal when putting on socks or stockings is to get the heel in place as easily as you can.

1) First, fold the garment over once down to the heel, so that the length is shortened in half. This will help get your foot and heel in place more easily. Remember, do not bunch or gather the stocking.

2) Step into the and 3) gently pull until you meet resistance as your secure the foot.

4) If your garment doesn’t go entirely on the foot, use your donning gloves to gently move the fabric in an upward direction. 5) Once the heel is in place, you can gently move the top of the stocking in an upward motion to its full length. use your donning gloves to smooth out any wrinkles.

6) The top band should be approximately two fingers width from the right-angle bend.

For pantyhose: Secure each foot in place, then gently move the garment up each leg in short alternating movements, using the donning gloves, and secure panty in place.


Removal Of Stockings:

Remove stockings before going to bed, unless otherwise advised by a physician.

7) Use SIGVARIS donning gloves to make stocking removal easier. Take hold of the stockings or socks at the top band and peel downwards past the ankle. Never push downward as this creates bunching an makes the stocking more difficult to remove.

8) With the flat of the hand, work the stocking over the heel and remove.


Sharp fingernails, rings and bracelets may cause damage when putting on and removing the stockings.

Do not cut or pull loose ends, which are sometimes appear on the inside of stockings.