Is there any preparation prior to Echosclerotherapy?

Before Treatment

Avoid taking Aspirin and other anti-inflammatory medications for 10 days prior to treatment (this will reduce the amount of bruising that may result from the treatment).

* Disregard this recommendation if you are taking a small dose Aspirin at the recommendation of your physician for cardiovascular health.

Preliminary Treatment

It is necessary to treat some smaller veins with a dilute form of medication to be sure that you will not have an allergic reaction.  We call this treatment your preliminary injections.  There is a fee for this treatment and you will also be required to wear lightweight support hose for five days to seven days afterwards.

The Day of the treatment

  1. Avoid waxing or shaving your legs
  2. Avoid using skin creams on your legs so that the tapes required for treatment will stick to your legs
  3. Eat regular meals
  4. Bring shorts to wear during treatment if you prefer
  5. Bring pants or a long skirt to wear following the procedure