Dr. Don Watt

Dr. Don Watt is one of Calgary’s better known Interventional Radiologists. For over 30 years he was Chief of Radiology at the Holy Cross and Rockyview General Hospital.As an Interventional Radiologist Dr. Don Watt had to be an innovator in interventional procedures during the years he spent at these two hospitals.

In 2003 he decided to join the Glenmore Landing Vein Clinic and use his skills and ability to innovate, to improve vein treatment in Calgary. He is also trained and accredited in medical ultrasound, he was able to combine the new foam techniques with ultrasound and create his own techniques to treat large varicose veins.

Dr. Don Watt’s opinion is that ultrasound guided foam treatment of varicose veins is superior to all other techniques including surgery and endovenous laser. He was trained in endovenous laser in New York but his brand new laser remains on the shelf unused because of his foam techniques.

Dr. Don Watt feels that foam is the best treatment that has ever been available for the treatment of large varicose veins.

As he is dedicated to only large varicose vein treatment, his individual case load is probably higher than anybody else in North America. This high volume allows for continuous improvement in his techniques, to the benefit of his patients.

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